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Meet Us- our counsellors are all individual members of the BACP, which is the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists. They have professional liability insurance and are fully qualified to Diploma level or above. They all meet and  adhere to the ethical guidelines (a set of values, principles and moral obligations) and good practice of the BACP governing body and undertake an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check (formerly known as the CRB check). Each counsellor has regular supervision to meet their commitment to work ethically and make certain they are working safely and effectively for the client’s best interest and well being. Our counsellors have regular safeguarding training.

Counsellors and Psychotherapists are available from £40 to £70 per counselling hour (50 minutes) and we offer a wide range of appointment times including mornings , weekends and evenings. Although not all  therapists are available for every time slot. There are concessions available but these are limited and dependent on circumstance. The initial assessment session lasts 30 minutes and is free enabling you to meet the counsellor you feel drawn too and discuss your needs face to face.



Counsellor and Psychotherapist

I feel successful counselling is built  on a foundation of a good therapeutic relationship. I will work with you and try to build that relationship. I will do this by treating everything we talk about as confidential, being honest, genuine, respectful and non-judgemental. This will build trust between us and of the counselling process, which will enable you to explore your feelings and thoughts at your own pace and in a safe space.     During counselling we will work together to build those foundations which will enable, underpin and reinforce a productive therapeutic relationship that can help you to achieve the outcome you desire. Although predicting exactly what will happen is challenging, as each therapeutic relationship is different and each client's experience unique, a successful therapeutic relationship can enable and promote in the client; self-confidence, self-esteem, self-motivation, self-belief. This can also increase self-awareness leading to understanding, opportunity and motivation to change through choice.  A counselling session built on a successful therapeutic relationship will provide a safe, reassuring 'space' where you are able to feel supported, explore your thoughts and feelings, understand your experiences and what they mean to you and promote your well being.                    I am a registered member of the BACP, a member of the BPS and fully insured. My qualifications and experience can be seen on the BACP website and my counselling directory entry which can be reached via the links at the bottom of this profile. I charge from £50 per hour dependent on appoinmtent time, some concessions are available dependant on financial circumstances.  

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Counsellor/ Therapist

Life’s difficulties and upset can come from a variety of sources and may present themselves in many ways. I will help you address these issues by providing a confidential space to focus on what is causing you concern, helping you find the answers you want or need so your challenges can be resolved. The desired outcome is for you to live a more happy and fulfilling life using this process. I have experience of working with client issues including anxiety, depression, loss and bereavement, relationship difficulties, low self-esteem and self-confidence to stress and work related difficulties. I also have experience of working with people suffering chronic health issues including terminal illness, and their relatives and friends. Counselling is a unique experience for each individual. There is plenty of support to show that counselling helps to find solutions and provide relief from negative feelings and problems I am fully qualified and hold public liability insurance. Further details of my qualifications and experience can be found by following the link at the bottom of my profile. I look forward to working with you in due course if you decide to make contact and otherwise wish you all the best. I charge £50 per hour.

Counselling Directory
My name is Chris Worth, and I am a counsellor working in the local area. Searching for a counsellor can be a difficult process, so my aim here is to give you a brief idea of how I work, what my beliefs about counselling are, and what my experience is. Issues and problems are a natural part of life, but are also a unique experience for each person. Sometimes those problems can begin to feel overwhelming. Talking with family or friends can be an option, but they may not always be impartial or objective, and you may not feel that you are always being heard. A counsellor is someone who is trained to listen to your problems and difficulties, and help you to find a way of approaching them. I believe that one to one counselling is an opportunity for a person to begin to make sense of their experiences, and gain insight and perspective into past and current issues. The foundation for self-exploration is the relationship between the counsellor and the individual. As a counsellor, I hope to build that relationship with you by being non-judgemental and impartial, and by trying to understand the world through your eyes. I aim to provide a space that is supportive and confidential, and will therefor help you to express yourself. Building a relationship of genuineness, trust and openness will give you the opportunity to work out how you might relate to others around you. My training as a counsellor was integrative, which means that I can consider a variety of approaches towards each individual, but my aim is always to be collaborative to help you find the best way of expressing yourself. Through this, I hope to provide you with the opportunity to explore your issues, and begin to consider any positive changes. I am a member of the BACP, and adhere to their ethical principles, and my qualification is a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling. I currently work as a counsellor at Farnborough 6th Form College, where I have been for two years and see both 16-18 year olds and adults, as a counsellor at Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice (also two years), and with under 16’s in local schools.
Counsellor/ Therapist
We all experience times where we can feel lost, alone and unsure of how to take back control of our life. Our emotions, thoughts, feelings and behaviours can take many forms; I can provide a calm and confidential space to explore these through counselling. Are you feeling anxious, depressed or stressed? Do you have relationship or family issues which are making you unhappy? Do you feel you can’t move forward from the past? Has an event happened in your life making you feel stuck or overwhelmed? I can help to make sense of what is happening by developing a greater sense of self awareness, being true to yourself and look at more meaningful choices going forward. I believe the foundation of counselling is the therapeutic relationship between a counsellor and their client. This is built on trust, empathy and non-judgement; creating a relationship which can help awareness and enable meaningful change. I work integratively which means I do not work with just one therapeutic approach but use different techniques which I adapt for your unique needs and the direction you would like to take. This could range from looking at how your past affects you today to changing negative thought patterns which are controlling your life. I am an empathetic and reflective counsellor with a strong positive regard for others. I currently work as a Counsellor at Farnborough Sixth Form College where I offer counselling to both students and adults. I also work as a Wellbeing Coach for the charity Mind, where I help clients through support groups and individual sessions in developing awareness, insight and resilience around their mental health. I have helped clients with a wide range of issues including depression, anxiety, stress, low self esteem/self worth, relationship and family problems, destructive patterns of behaviour, anger, conflict, self harm, loneliness, loss and coping mechanisms. I hold a Diploma in Therapeutic counselling and I am a member of the BACP, working within their ethical framework. I also hold public liability insurance.
Counsellor/ Therapist
At times life can become overwhelming and it can feel as though there is no way out or no end to it. At these times it can be useful to explore what you are thinking and feeling with another person who is separate from your life. As a counsellor I am here to listen to you and provide a safe place to explore thoughts and feelings in depth. My role is not to offer advice or to make judgments. I am an Integrative Counsellor drawing initially on a Person-Centred approach to counselling. I recognise that everyone is individual and has different needs in the counselling room and so I am led by my client. I will discuss with my client their hopes of what they would like to achieve from counselling and we will work towards these goals together. At times I will use other counselling approaches depending on my clients needs. These include Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioural and Existentialism. This may involve looking at your past experiences, dealing with negative thoughts or exploring solutions together. My experience includes working with depression, anxiety, exam stress, illness, loss and bereavement, self-harm, death anxiety, sexuality issues, relationship concerns, panic attacks and suicidal thoughts. I work with both adults and young people. My qualifications include a diploma in Therapeutic Counselling and I continue to develop my skills and knowledge through Continued Professional Development. I am a member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists and hold public liability insurance.