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Psychological distress can take many forms and have varying effects on our lives; identity, self-worth, anxiety, fear, sadness, depression, loss, relationships, family, friends, work, social life, parenting and day to day tasks can all be effected, from a little to a lot. Having the opportunity to talk through your thoughts and feelings about your understanding of your experience in a supportive, non-judgemental and confidential environment with a highly trained, skilled therapist can often be of benefit to an individual before, during or after those moments and that, in essence, is counselling.


At Charles Flint Counselling we have therapists who have worked with children, young people and adults of varying age, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference and religion. Working to enhance the client’s awareness of their feelings and enabling them to explore their thoughts to discover their own solutions for their distress, in whatever form that takes. We work to empower our clients to find that solution, working at a pace that suits the needs of each client and their unique experience of life.  Whilst there may be similarities, each client’s life is a unique blend of many factors; development, family/ primary caregivers, society, culture, ethnicity, education, events and experience. This very personal interaction provides everyone with their own unconscious expectations and needs, from others and of themselves; feelings, thoughts, rights, wrongs, values, beliefs, understandings and ideas about who they are and the world around them. However, some times those needs and expectations can become problematic and cause psychological distress; a lack of understanding and questions, that can lead to thoughts and feelings of confusion, shame, fears, sadness, anger and doubt.

Testimonials can be found here:                  http://www.itsgoodtotalk.org.uk/testimonials


At Charles Flint Counselling we work on whatever the client wants to, including all types of psychological distress eg relationship problems, identity issues, self doubt, day to day problems with living, loss, fears, sadness, depression and anxiety. We offer short or long term counselling, working with each client in a way that suits their needs; we can work on focused therapy, fixed term, short/long term, integrative, psycho dynamic and person centred.


Charles Flint Counselling currently has two  locations; Frimley in Surrey and West Malling in Kent. Please indicate your choice of location. All available counsellors are found on the bio page with a brief outline of their training and experience. It is important to find the counsellor you feel you can work with as building a  therapeutic relationship  with your counsellor will give you the best chance of getting the maximum benefit from the experience, working with you to fulfil your personal objectives or aims and achieve your desired outcome.

You are able to see a list of available counsellors, fill in a request form, read about our charges and view a map of our location and times available for counselling by clicking on the various pages.